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Advantages to Keeping Your HVAC Clean

Keep it Clean to Save Money and Live Longer

Keeping your HVAC equipment (furnace, heater, A/C, air conditioning, cooler) clean and maintained provides two huge advantages:

save money over time heater air conditioner maintenance1. Well-Maintained Equipment Saves You Money

Keeping your heater maintained significantly extends the life expectancy of your equipment, thus saving you significant dollars. Poorly-maintained equipment can drastically shorten your equipment’s life expectancy by many years.

Keeping moving parts well-oiled and clean also helps maintain the energy efficiency of your equipment, saving dollars on your electric and gas bills.

The expensive repairs caused by electrical or gas fires, water leaks, and overheated electrical boards, are often significantly more expensive than the simple maintenance that would have avoided the problems.

inhaler asthma clean air filters equipment maintenance2. Well-Maintained Equipment Can Save Your Family’s Health and Life

Regularly checking electrical connections and removing built up lint can avoid a dangerous house fire.

Clogged drain tubes can lead to mild water leaks that can build up mold, causing health risks.

Cleaning filters, ducts, vents, and inside equipment, can avoid or improve serious respiratory problems including asthma symptoms.

Most residential heaters have no way of determining if carbon monoxide is being introduced into your home’s breathing air. Having your furnace inspected once a year is not only recommended by your furnace manufacture, it also recommended by the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention. We advise getting a new CO detector every five years. Carbon Monoxide detectors are a code requirement in California. CO detectors with a digital read out are recommended so you can see what the concentration in your home is in addition to alarming.

Getting your system serviced annually with help keep you and your family safe from these threats.