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AC, Air Conditioning, Cooling

AC, Air Conditioning, Cooling

Infinia Heating & Air Conditioning specializes in diagnosing, servicing, tuning up, repairing, and replacing A/C (Air Conditioning), Coolers, and HVAC systems. We give free estimates and second opinions. Our 30 years of experience makes us very confident that we can meet or beat the competition’s pricing.

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What’s Included in our Ultimate Air Conditioning (A/C) Tuneup:

Take a look at the services we perform during our Ultimate Tuneup! We invite you to compare this list against what our competition does and you’ll agree that we are thorough!

  • Wash the condenser coil improving energy cost (customer must have a hose that reaches unit)
  • Wax the top of the condenser reducing rust formation
  • Chemically treat the condensate trap preventing clogs
  • Flush the drain lines preventing water damage
  • Verify the refrigerant levels are correct to maximize a systems cooling ability
  • Document all applicable motor amp draw and voltage readings to make sure the motors are running correctly and to create a record on future condition changes
  • Clean all electrical connections improving voltage transfer across two points
  • Inspect the general condition of the duct work
  • Go through and test that all the safety devices are functioning correctly
  • Oil the fan motors extending motor life
  • Verify proper Microfarad readings on all applicable capacitors catching them before complete motor failure causing costly repairs
  • Measure the temperature split to make sure the system is putting out the proper cool air
  • Inspect the indoor coil to make sure no mold or mildew growth is present on or around the general area. They will also be verifying there is no dirt clogging the coil that causes sever efficiency drops
  • Adjust the blower wheel to help reduce any vibration noise
  • Lubricate all moving parts preventing unnecessary ware
  • Replace a customer supplied air filter to help improve equipment efficiency (we will wash a basic air filter)
  • Check refrigerant metering devices are working properly
  • Measure the static pressure of the duct design providing insight on how efficient air moves through the equipment
  • Verify proper reversing valve operation if you have a heat pump
  • Calibrate the thermostat to assure proper temperature readings
  • Make any necessary recommendations

Keep it Clean to Save Money and Live Longer

There are several great reasons to keep your HVAC equipment clean and maintained: It saves you money and it can save your family’s health and even lives!